Our Wedding Minister

Rev. G. Michael Thompson


Wedding Officiant Fee Schedule

          Budget Package: $200
With the Budget Package you get a nice ceremony prepared entirely by the Officiant, and a
          document signing.
          There are NO other additions (such as a rehearsal, flower girls, ring bearer, editing, etc.)

                            One (optional) introductory meeting (before signing the contract).
                           The Wedding Ceremony and the document signing and filing.

                            $100 + 50% of any travel expenses to secure date. 
                            Balance due 30 days before ceremony.

                            If meetings or a rehearsal becomes necessary, upgrading to
                                the standard package may be possible.

          Standard Package: $400
          The Standard Package offers so much more. You get an optional initial appointment to meet
          the Officiant and talk about your wedding.  Using vow building tools, 'you' will custom design
          and personalize your ceremony so it reflects exactly what you want to say on your wedding
          day.  The Officiant will be available to help and guide you through the process. you get an
          optional free rehearsal (timing based on availability).  You can add almost anything you want
          to your ceremony; such as flower girls, ring bearers, poetry, scriptures, music, unity candle
          ceremony, sand ceremony, memorials, etc...  If you do not have music planned, the
          Officiant has a CD filled with wedding appropriate chamber music including The Bridal Chorus
          (Here Comes The Bride), and the standard Wedding March for the end of the ceremony.
          The CD is available for you to use at no extra charge.  And of course, the document signing.



                            An (optional) introductory meeting (before signing contract).
                            Assistance designing the Wedding Ceremony.
                            As many face to face meetings as you need. ***see NOTE below
                            An (optional) Wedding Rehearsal.   
                            Use of a CD with wedding appropriate music.
                            The Wedding Ceremony and the document signing and filing.

*** NOTE:   This 'is' my full time job, and as such, when you hire me, I am making a commitment to make myself as readily accessible and available to you as I can.  I want your wedding ceremony to be perfect, so If you find you need additional face to face meetings with me...

Travel Expenses:  Due to the current gas prices... if the additional "MEETINGS" are held in the FRIDLEY - BLAINE - MOUNDS VIEW AREAS, additional "Travel Expenses" will not be incurred for those meetings.

If you are unable to travel to any of these areas for the additional meetings, "TRAVEL EXPENSES" may be incurred, but the meeting itself is free. Please contact me for travel expense details

                            $200 + 50% of any travel expenses to secure date.
                            Balance due 30 days before ceremony

          The following items apply to both packages listed above

          The Officiant uses a contract for all weddings.  The wedding date is not secure
          until the signed contract, accompanied with the appropriate payment, is received by
          the officiant, AND the officiant signs and returns your copy with his signature on it.


  If you are securing your wedding date well in advance, a non-refundable deposit which is one
  half of the total fee, is due at time of signing the contract with the balance due 30 days before
  the wedding.
  Balance must be paid on time (at least 30 days before the wedding unless
  otherwise approved by Officiant). Payments made on time may be paid using check, cash,
  money order, or paypal.

  If you are securing your wedding date within 30 days or less from the date of the wedding,
PAYMENT IN FULL is due at time of signing the contract. Payments may be made using cash,
  money order, or paypal.

No refunds for cancellations.

                    Lodging Expenses:
Lodging Expenses may be incurred for trips that exceed
                                100 miles one way from zip code 55432
                                (200 miles round trip) - check with officiant for details.

                      Travel Expenses:
                            No mileage charges for round trips 60 miles or less
                            For round trips that exceed 60 miles, 75¢  per mile
                                will be assessed after the first 60 miles (of each round trip) 
  www.mapquest.com  will be used to calculate all mileage.
                                the starting point will be from "Minneapolis MN 55432"

                                to the "City, State and Zip Code" of the location where
                                I will be driving to.  That one way mileage then needs
                                to be doubled to figure the
total round trip mileage. 

                                    Click here to go to www.mapquest.com  mapquest.com